T5 Retrofit – T12 Phase Out

T5 Retrofit Conversion Kits for Fluorescent Strips and Troffers. T12 Phase-out Projects

If you are looking for T5 Retrofit kits to convert your T12 fluorescent lamps to T5 due to T12 Phase out regulations or better output and higher efficiency you came to the right place. We have two types of T5 Retrofit Conversion kits available. One is for the Industrial strips, which are mainly used in warehouses and manufacturing operations and the other is for the 2×2 and the 2×4 fluorescent troffers. If you have any questions please give us a call at (888) 364-8802.

T5 Retrofit Kits for Warehouse and Other Similar ApplicationsT5 Retrofit Kits for Office Applications - Troffers



• All T5 retrofit kits are pre-wired and individually packaged
• Includes ballast, end sockets, brackets and mounting hardware
• T5 pre-packaged retrofit kits reduce labor costs up to 60%
• Socket panels labeled to ensure proper installation
• No wiring changes are required
• Kits include high efficiency reflectors that improve the amount of delivered lumens
• Up to 50% more delivered lumens per watt
• Save up to 45% on annual energy costs per fixture
• Longer lamp life (20,000 vs. 12,000 hours)
• Utility rebates are available for retrofit products
• EPAct 2005 provides tax incentives for multiple energy efficiency measures

Since 2005, the U.S. Department of Energy has been implementing regulations to phase out the production of T12 fluorescent technology, which is considerably less efficient than newer T8 and T5 technologies. As of July 2010 – most commonly used T12 magnetic ballasts no longer manufactured in U.S – by July 2012 T12 lamp production will cease and the T12 Phase out will be in full swing.

Further Details on the T12 Phase out and rebates

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